• If your utility regularly bills customers after services are provided, you are a creditor under the new law and will have to develop a written program to identify and address the red flags that could indicate identity theft in your covered accounts.Steven Toporoff An attorney with the FTCs Division & Identity Protection


Identify theft is common in the Utility Industry. The Federal Trade Commission wrote, Utility companies may be the first to spot the red flags that signal the risk of identity theft, including suspicious activity suggesting that thieves may be using stolen information to establish service. Thats why you need to know about a new law that requires many businesses including most companies that provide utility services to consumers to spot the red flags that can be the telltale signs of identity theft and do something about them.

Integra Systems has developed a proven product to assist Utility companies to detect identity theft.

Red Flag IQ™ is a web or server based product that keeps your organization compliant without complicating your current process for account registration.


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