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  • The Rule requires that your program identify relevant red flags, detail your process for detecting them, describe how you will respond to them to prevent and mitigate identity theft, and spell out how you will keep your program current.

  • The determination of whether your business or organization is covered by the Red Flags Rule isn't based on your industry or sector, but rather on whether your activities fall within the relevant definitions.

Other Industries

Integra Systems is not limited in its capabilities to provide compliance solutions for your industry and organization.

Integra Systems is here to consult with you to help you make the best decision for your organization. We take pride in helping organizations accomplish their goals.

We provide real-time solutions for your current needs in the following areas:

Identify Theft

  • Web-based or server-based systems
  • Scanning of large customer databases
  • Customization and Integration to Third Party Software

Watch and Black Lists - OFAC, PEP, FinCEn, and EU/UN/UK

IQ AutoScan™ can quickly and efficiently scan your customer database and vendors against Sanctions and Watch list daily. Powerful reporting tools allow management and auditors to view your compliance efforts in real time.



  • Web-based system or Server based systems
  • Scanning of large customer databases
  • Integration to Third Party Software


The IQ integration™ process is designed to fit your current work flow. Utilize your current system and simply use our modules (web services) to perform OFAC or Identity verification tasks without having to enter the information twice.